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19 ianuarie 2018
The Book of Zephaniah has a multitude references to the Lord’s Day and to the salvation associated to this event. The text of Zeph 3:14-17 offers an example of the right attitude of the people to the salvation of YHWH in that coming day. The prophet often invites the people to the joy and offers motivations for this kind of attitude.
This paper intends to present a linguistic, literary and semantic analysis of the most important words used by the author to express his message in Zeph 3:14-17. The analysis is folowed by some theological ideas keeping in mind the hystorical situation of the prophetical oracles. All this confirms the main theme of Zephaniah’s text: the joy for God’s salvation.
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Vineri, 19 ianuarie 2018

Sfintii zilei
Ss. Marius şi Marta, soţi m.
Liturghierul Roman
Vineri din sãptãmâna a 2-a de peste an
Liturghie la alegere, prefaţã comunã
verde. II
1Sam 24,3-21: Nu-mi voi ridica mâna împotriva stãpânului meu, regele, care a fost consacrat Domnului prin ungere.
Ps 56: Ai milã de mine, Dumnezeule, ai milã de mine!
Mc 3,13-19: I-a chemat pe cei pe care i-a voit el, iar ei au venit la el.
Meditatia zilei
Vineri din sãptãmâna a 2-a de peste an