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Thursday, February 01, 2018
In this article, my intention has been to emphasize the role of the postlapsarian protology (Gen 3) in the anthropology enlightened by the mystery of Christ (status lapsae simul et redemptae). I considered the disastrous consequences of original sin, the perspective of death, the appearance of shame, the change in the meaning of nakedness – a change generated by the triple concupiscence in the human heart, the deformation of the spousal meaning of the human body and the disorder produced in the communio personarum, as they are presented in the catecheses of Man and Woman He Created Them: A Theology of the Body by John Paul II. Finally, from the perspective of the protoevangelium (cf. Gen 3:15), I examined protology and anthropology in the light of Christology, because in Christ it has been historically manifested and eminently revealed who man is and what is his fulfillment.
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Miercuri, 18 aprilie 2018

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Sf. Atanasia din Egina
Liturghierul Roman
Miercuri din sãptãmâna a 3-a a Paștelui
Liturghie proprie, prefațã pentru Paști (II, III, IV sau V)
alb, III
Fap 8,1b-8: Treceau din loc în loc, vestind cuvântul.
Ps 65: Strigați-i de bucurie lui Dumnezeu voi, toși locuitorii pãmântului! (sau Aleluia.)
In 6,35-40: Aceasta este voința Tatãlui meu: oricine crede în Fiul sã aibã viața veșnicã.
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Miercuri din sãptãmâna a 3-a a Paștelui